Want to hear what others had to say about our fly fishing courses in the past? Here is some feedback we received from students over the years.

Overall, I was extremely satisfied with my decision to take this course. The casting instruction alone was worth every penny. The classroom sessions were also exceptional and I found each conversation to be informative and thorough.

I really appreciated the no-nonsense, easy to understand way that you teach fly fishing. And how you don’t bash other ways of fishing, you just highlight the positive aspects of your method! And you stand behind what you teach. You also are both very patient with beginners!

Just wanted to let you know that I got out the fly rod a few times while fishing on Little Pine Creek that flows into Pine Creek in the Grand Canyon gorge near Waterville/Slate Run in central Pennsylvania this week and caught 5 trout on dry flies.
The fish were rising during a hatch and I had a blast. I also missed several more.
Even though I’m sure my casting wasn’t perfect, I was placing my flies between bushes and under trees along the bank and the fishing were slamming them.
I can’t thank you guys enough for spending time with all of us and teaching us some of the basics of fly fishing.
I still have a lot to learn!
Look forward to seeing you guys in the future.

Thanks for the great fly fishing program you coordinated on Sunday.  You and Scott were the “dynamic duo” of fly fishing instructors!!

I thought you and Scott were very patient in answering the questions of all the beginners that showed up. Shows your commitment to educating and introducing people to the sport.

I really enjoyed the program and learned a lot of things that will assist me in my future fly fishing trips but will also assist me in transfering fly fishing info to youths through the Fish and Boat commission family fish programs which I am a volunteer instructor.

Great seminar. Job well done!

Great seminar! Very informative! Thanks so much!

It was something I looked forward to and was disappointed when it ended. Thanks Scott and Rob.

Hi Rob,
You did a terrific job on the workshop.  Thanks so much.  It seemed as if you had a very high level of interest from the attendees and I hope that you get a lot of new TU members from the workshop.  On my side I learned a lot about the deficiencies in my tackle (line, backing, knots, etc.) as well as in my technique.

Rob, had a great time today … I can’t think of any thing I would change except a larger room. I think you are going to need it. You did a really good job, lunches were perfect.

Dear Rob, I’d like to extend a big thank you to you and the other instructors for hosting the Fly Fishing Seminar on Sunday. As someone who is new to the sport, I found it extremely helpful and informative and it was just what I was looking for. Your time and contributions were much appreciated!


Rob teaching backing and leaders.

Rob, I wanted to again extend my thanks to you and the other instructors who gave their time on Sunday for the Intro to Fly Fishing course. I thought it was well done, and a nice intro to the sport for those who have little or no experience. My nephew, in particular, really enjoyed the class and is looking forward to getting out on the water for the first time this Spring.

I was extremely impressed with the passion for the sport that each instructor displayed.  It was infectious.

As an avid fisherman with a curiosity and desire to pursue the fly fishing experience, you and the other instructors, Scott Loughner, Greg Kassimer not only met, but, far exceeded my expectations of providing the knowledge base that I was looking to acquire as a beginner.

I was amazed that you covered all that you did. The pressure is on for us to retain it all. We enjoyed it all! I think that you kept it light and very interseting.

Thanks for hosting the class.  This is year 2 and I got much more this year than last.

Hey Rob, I really enjoyed the seminar. I thought the content was great, and I learned a lot. Especially good for me was the info about leaders, the overview of the flies, and the tips on casting.


Scott giving the class the fly casting demonstration.