Introduction to Fly Tying

Begins on 1/18/22. Tie your own flies and catch more fish! “Introduction to Fly Tying” is designed for the beginner who is interested in tying his or her own flies. In this course, we will teach you the basic techniques of fly tying. With practice, you will be able to imitate many insects and bait fish that trout eat. Each session will cover one type of fly and one or two fly patterns that represent that type of fly. We hope that this course will make you a better fly tier, fly angler, and ultimately increase your awareness of nature along the stream. Some tools are required: vice, scissors, bobbin, hackle pliers, bodkin, whip finish tool, and hair stacker. Students will not need to purchase tools for the first day of class. Materials and hooks will be provided.

Course registration information can be found here.

Saturday Fly Tying Classes

Each Saturday class is 3.5 hours long from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm. Individual cost per class is $39.

Four or more flies will be taught in class with the student tying at least two of each  fly pattern. In addition to tying flies, material selection, proper proportions and variations of each fly pattern will be discussed. Patterns sheets, hooks and all materials will be provided. Students will be required to supply basic fly tying tools and should have some fly tying experience and/or have taken a beginners fly tying course – such as our “Introduction to Fly Tying” ! Please call (412) 788-7546 with questions regarding these requirements.

Take the clinic for the fly tying that most interests you or register for the entire series and get two clinics free. To take advantage of that option, call (412) 788-7546 and register course: YFD-708-1280. Cost is $249 for the series.

View or download the complete list of our Saturday morning and Wednesday evening fly tying classes.

Offered only in the Fall! – Tying Great Lakes Steelhead Flies I & II

“Tying Great Lakes Steelhead Flies” is for anglers who want to tie their own flies for pursuing steelhead trout in the tributaries of the Great Lakes. Four or more steelhead fly patterns will be taught in each class with the student tying at least two of each fly pattern. Some patterns taught include: various egg patterns, sucker spawn, the egg sucking leech, the Spring Wiggler, polar shrimp, Emerald Shiner, and others.

Note: Fly patterns taught in Steelhead Flies I will be different from fly patterns taught in Steelhead Flies II. Steelhead Flies I is not required for Steelhead Flies II.

Couple of boxes of steelhead flies

Some of the patterns you will tie in our steelhead clinics.

Lance steelie

This guy loved our steelhead fly tying clinic!