Meet your fly fishing and fly tying instructors.

Rob Reeder

Rob grew up in Central Pennsylvania.  He was taught by his Dad to fly fish on some of the most famous trout streams in the East: Penn’s Creek, the Little Juniata River, Spruce Creek, and Yellow Creek (Bedford County).

Rob has been guiding for trout since 2009. He has taught fly fishing schools and presented fly fishing programs since 2011. He has served on the Board of Directors of PWWTU since 2012 and has been a long-time member of the John Kennedy Chapter of Trout Unlimited and the Penn’s Woods West Trout Unlimited.

Rob has spent the last 25 years or so fly tying and fly fishing in Montana, the Florida Keys, and Virginia, but spends most of his time in western and central Pennsylvania. In addition to his love of fly fishing for trout, he loves fly fishing for smallmouth bass and other warm water species.


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Rob Reeder

Scott Loughner

Scott Loughner of Rillton, Pennsylvania has been a fly fisherman and fly tier for over forty years. Scott has been a fly tying and fly casting instructor for nearly 30 years. As an author, Scott has written articles for Mid-Atlantic Fly Fishing Guide, was at one time the fly fishing columnist for Pennsylvania Woods and Waters, and has presented papers on fly fishing techniques to The Harrisburg Fly Fisherʼs Luncheon Group and The Fly Fisherʼs Club of Pittsburgh.

Scott is a member of the Temple Fork Outfitters advisory staff and the advisory staff of The Cortland Line Company. Scott is a member of the Pro staff for Chota (a manufacturer of waders and wading shoes) and Gamma Technologies, a manufacturer of Frog Hair leaders and leader and tippet materials.

Scott’s fly patterns have appeared in Mid-Atlantic Fly Fishing Guide magazine, Eastern Fly Fishing Magazine and other publications. Scott has recently become a fly designer for Holly Flies, an importer of fishing flies.

Scott serves on the board of directors of the Pennsylvania Fly Fishing Museum helping to preserve the rich history of fly fishing in Pennsylvania.

Scott has taught over 1600 students through demonstrations, classes on fly tying and casting, as well as fly fishing techniques at both the beginner and advanced levels. While continuing to grow in the sport of fly fishing Scott is proud of his accomplishments thus far but none more so than a quote from his friend and mentor Lefty Kreh, fly fishing’s greatest ambassador:

I started fly fishing in 1947 and around the planet met many fly tiers and fishermen. Many good fly fishermen either don’t tie or do a poor job. Many terrific fly tiers I discovered were not effective fishermen. Scott Loughner is one of the finest tiers Iʼve known but is also a great caster and superb fly fisherman. That’s a rare combination in our sport.


Scott Loughner