Special announcement regarding the Fly Fishers Club of Pittsburgh

The Fly Fishers Club of Pittsburgh was founded in the late 1940’s or early 1950’s by a group of like-minded individuals with a love of fly fishing – making it the oldest active organization for the fly fishers in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area. The idea of the club was introduced to the area by founding member, Mr. Bob Runk. The concept was patterned after the Fly Fishers Club of Harrisburg of which Mr. Runk was a member.

The idea of an organization with no dues, no officers and no political agenda was appealing to many. Meetings were held as a clearing house of information and education on fly fishing techniques, fly tying techniques, waterways near and far and fly tackle. Fly rods were cast, fly tying materials were shown and shared and fishing trips were re-lived. But more importantly, life-long friendships were made, secret spots were shared, and good times were had by all. Everyone was welcome – young and old, novice or veteran – all with the common bond of an interest in fly fishing. To become a member one only had to show up at a meeting. That’s it! Everyone or anyone could contribute to the meeting which would last several hours or more.

Many members of the Fly Fishers Club of Pittsburgh have left their mark on the history of Pennsylvania fly fishing. Bob Runk, Chauncy Lively, George Aiken, Mike Sajna, Bob Lancaster, and others are all represented in the Pennsylvania Fly Fishing Museum Association located in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Others, like fly fishing show promoter Chuck Furimsky, have contributed to the sport of fly fishing in significant ways.

The Fly Fishers Club of Pittsburgh is an still very much an active club. In an effort to garner additional participation we (as in, Days on the Water) are placing a page devoted to the Fly Fishers Club of Pittsburgh here on our site. It may not live here forever, but for now this is as good a place as any. Also, in an effort to consolidate communication to club members a new email address was created: pghflyfishersclub@gmail.com. You can send any club-related email to that address and you can expect to receive club-related email from that new address. Details on club meetings, the Christmas party, and planned fly fishing outings can be found here.

Welcome to Days on the Water!

Welcome to Days on the Water Fly Rod Instruction. Days on the Water started out of a free day-long “beginning fly fishing” seminar we taught on behalf of the Penn’s Woods West Chapter of Trout Unlimited (pwwtu.org). We always did the “fly fishing 101” seminar as an outreach program to people in and around Pittsburgh who wanted to learn how to fly fish.

The free school sort of took on a life of its own.

The very first year we were associated with the free school attendance was in the teens. The second year we had 33 students. By year five – 2017 – we had added an extra day to accommodate interest. There were 70+ students during a two-day seminar.

We also found out that we couldn’t cover the material in the detail we wanted to.

In 2018, we were approved to teach fly fishing courses class through the Community College of Allegheny County’s (www.ccac.edu) Community Education classes. These courses are much more in depth than what we were able to present in a single-day session at the free school.

We call ourselves Days on the Water. Read on to to find out why. Or, just register for one of our classes!

What’s in our name?

days on the water book

Days on the Water is a tribute to Mike Sajna, a former outdoor writer for the Post-Gazette. He was a Western Pennsylvania guy, an avid fly fisherman, hunter, outdoors-man and a close friend of our instructor Scott Loughner. Our name is a nod to his 1999 book, Days on the Water: The Angling Tradition in Pennsylvania. Mr. Sajna passed away in 2000 due to leukemia.

Read more about Mr. Sajna and his works by clicking here.